Kristian Domingo Foundation

About the Foundation

The Kristian Domingo Foundation was established by the Domingo family shortly after Kristian’s passing as a way of preserving his memory. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed to provide meaningful opportunities to young individuals through financial support to help them pursue their dreams, and to provide assistance to institutions that were an important part of Kristian’s life. 

Kristian spent 13 years of his short life at Vancouver College. At the end of his time there, he would develop a special bond with the school that helped mold him to be the inspiring individual that he was. He had faced and overcome adversity during his senior years at VC and the Foundation will provide an award to a graduating student who has overcome their own adversity and has demonstrated qualities similar to Kristian’s.

Kristian’s journey in his final weeks brought him to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, a place he initially feared, but in the end was instrumental to his well-being and comfort. The support, care, compassion and love he received at Canuck Place was truly a blessing, and the Foundation will provide support to this hospice for all the beautiful children they care for.

Kristian’s care began at BC Cancer Agency, and though successful at the beginning, needed to collaborate with BC Children’s Hospital for his continued care. Kristian experienced care from both the adult world and the pediatric world, and was not completely comfortable in either. The Foundation will provide assistance for the development of programs that would provide care and support for the unique needs of adolescents and young adults facing similar challenges in their lives.

The Kristian Domingo Foundation will also follow research in cancer treatments, particularly with the cancer that took Kristian’s life, rhabdomyosarcoma; and where possible, will provide financial assistance to available research programs.

Who We Support

Awarded annually at various schools, the #11Forever Award is given to students who have shown qualities of leadership, faith and pursuit of excellence by inspiring others within the community. These individuals are the link to create a team environment where everyone can combine their efforts to excel together.

As the largest organization funding cancer research in BC, the BC Cancer Foundation is working towards a world without cancer. The BC Cancer Foundation, in collaboration with Children’s Hospital, is developing an AYA Program to address a current gap between pediatric care and adult care.  Kristian received care from both the BC Cancer Clinic and Children’s Hospital.  While he received exceptional care from both institutions, he was not comfortable in either. The AYA Program will hopefully improve the quality of care, and life, for adolescents and young adults facing cancer.

Canuck Place is a children’s hospice, a place of comfort and compassion for children and their families where they could receive care and support while allowing them to continue cherishing each moment together. In his brief stay at Canuck Place, Kristian met many of the wonderful staff, and his family appreciated all the love, kindness and care Kristian received. They provide exceptional care for all the children and their families while maintaining an environment that allows them to experience comfort, laughter and love during difficult times.

How You Can Help

Established by the Domingo family, the Kristian Domingo Foundation would like to help young individuals that have faced adversity or are facing challenges as Kristian did in his short life. The Foundation would also like to help the institutions that were instrumental in Kristian’s care throughout his cancer journey.  Your generous financial support is essential in achieving our goals and any donation would be very much appreciated.

The Foundation is a CRA registered charity and your donations are tax deductible. You can donate online with VISA or PayPal by clicking the DONATE icon. Alternatively, we can receive your cheques made payable to:

Kristian Domingo Foundation c/o 4th Floor, 780 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2M1.