#11 Forever Award

Kristian Domingo, a graduate of the Class of 2014, was a “13 year man” who excelled as a student athlete and gained recognition for his dedication to both the football and basketball programs at Vancouver College.  He was recognized for his leadership, hard work and tenacity in doing the best he could, both on and off the field or court.  He chose #11 for his jerseys in memory of his friend Mitchell Ho, a reminder to him of someone who lived  life to the fullest, even in the face of adversity. #11 symbolized courage, hope and fight for Kristian. He received “Most Inspirational Award” on a number of occasions for his ability to draw the best from his teammates and classmates. 

Kristian was diagnosed with a rare cancer the day after his graduation ceremony at Vancouver College. True to his character, he never gave up.  He rose to the challenges he faced and lived his life the best way he could.  Though he had to give up competitive sports, he did not want to fall behind and continued his studies at UBC to fulfill his dream of becoming a veterinarian.  Kristian found strength and courage from his faith, family and friends. He never lost hope.

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Awarded annually at various high schools and post secondary institutions, the #11Forever Award is given to students who exemplify qualities of leadership, faith and pursuit of excellence by inspiring others within the community.  These individuals are the link to create a team environment where everyone can combine their efforts to excel together.  Concentrating on team efforts, these students are able to motivate through their actions and words to empower peers and teammates to become better versions of themselves.

2020 Recipient - Corpus Christi College

James Roy Catingub is a recent graduate from Corpus Christi College, having completed his Associate’s Degree. He aspires to become a secondary school teacher.

Catholicism is an indispensable part of James’ life as he seeks to live a life faithful to God and the Catholic Church. James serves his parish community as an altar server and core member of the Young Adults group. James is also an active member of Catholic Christian Outreach, at the University of British Columbia, where he reaches out to students to learn about God and the Catholic faith. As well, James serves Couples for Christ-Singles for Christ: he shares his passion for Catholicism through talks and small groups. For James, everything he does flows from the desire to love God and neighbour.

James is grateful to the Domingo family and the Kristian Domingo Foundation for receiving the Kristian Domingo Award. James hopes to be someone who continually extols the values and virtues that Kristian displayed, most especially those that prioritize faith and family. James is especially honoured to be part of a legacy that continues to support and inspire young people in pursuing their dreams.

2019 Recipient - University of British Columbia

Courtney Boyd, an undergraduate in the Applied Animal Biology Honours program at the University of British Columbia, was the university’s first recipient of the Kristian Domingo Award this past winter.

During her time at UBC, Courtney has been involved in research at the BC Cancer Research Centre, as well as being part of the university’s animal welfare research team. After her mother fell ill from a near-fatal heart infection, she was inspired to get involved in biomedical research. Being a lifelong animal lover, this experience led her to pursue research in the field of animal welfare with the goal of improving the quality of life for animals used in medical research. After winning an NSERC-URSA, she was able to conduct a study aiming to refine euthanasia methods for rodents used in research.

In the spring of 2019, her mother suffered a severe stroke and she is currently completing her degree while supporting her family during this time of adversity.

“I am very grateful to be the recipient of the Kristian Domingo Award. Kristian was a person of great integrity who never stopped pursuing his goals and continued to be a loving friend and family member despite the challenges he was faced with in life. Being the recipient of this award reminds me to demonstrate these same qualities in my own life, and I feel privileged to be a part of honouring his memory. I am thankful to Kristian and his family for supporting and inspiring students like myself.”

2019 Recipient - Little Flower Academy

Shreya Kakachery is filled with gratitude upon receiving the Kristian Domingo #11 Forever Award. The story of Kristian Domingo has inspired her and left a mark in her heart, reminding her to stay strong and move forward with faith, hope, and love. 

Shreya believes that when you serve others, you are, in a way, serving God. She serves as a Lector and an Altar Server in her parish community. Her attitude of love and eagerness to serve resulted in her active participation as a participant and as a leader in various organizations. She fulfils the role of Junior Instructor at the Gearing Up program at UBC since Grade 10, and volunteers with the BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association’s annual Goalball Tournament. 

She is a peer tutor at LFA and assists younger students gain a better understanding of Maths, Science and English, and other subjects. She holds the leadership titles in STEAM Club, of which she is also a member since Grade 9, and Book Club. Shreya loves to read and was awarded the Reader of the Year award for two consecutive years. She was also the recipient of the Vincent T. Wong Memorial Scholarship in Grade 10 for showing Christian involvement with peers and the school community. She is also an LFA Prefect, a title she is grateful and honoured to have. 

Shreya extends her heartfelt thanks to the Domingo Family and is sure to be an example of Kristian Domingo’s values. She plans to use this award towards her university and further cultivate her education. Shreya also thanks her family, friends, and teachers for loving, supporting and teaching her to be the best version of herself.

2019 Recipient - Vancouver College

Kelly is an excellent soccer player and last year his club team won the Provincial Championship. In November, Kelly captained Vancouver College to their first ever BC High School Provincial Championship. Kelly was also named the MVP of the tournament. Kelly is seen as a leader in whatever activity he takes on. In sports, he was a captain on his basketball and soccer teams. He does his best to encourage his teammates and help them perform at their best. He was also looked on as a leader in his time at VC where he was a rector during encounter and was asked to give the toast to the parents at the graduation dinner. He is a young man of faith and is honoured to receive the Kristian Domingo #11 Forever Award. He is now studying at the University of Victoria.

2018 Recipient - Little Flower Academy

Humbled to be a recipient of the Kristian Domingo #11 Forever Award, Serena Lam is currently a Grade Twelve student at Little Flower Academy. Always enthusiastic and ready to assist her peers and build each other up, Serena has developed wholistically through her active participation in multiple clubs and a rewarding leadership history within the LFA community. She was selected as leader of Encounter XXXI and the Liturgy Club, elected into the General Student Council in Tenth Grade, and chosen to be one of the six members in the Model UN Club’s Secretariat, all of which she demonstrates commitment and dedication whenever and wherever possible. For three years in a row, Serena was awarded with the Class Excellence Gold Medals for achieving the highest overall academic average in her grade. She has been given the honour to serve as an LFA Prefect as demonstrated by her willingness to always serve with compassion, sincerity and gratitude. Serena is constantly on the lookout for more opportunities to expand her experiences and foster personal contact. She has enjoyed her service to the Community Care Club since Grade Eight, paying monthly visits to Ronald McDonald House near BC Children’s Hospital just to be reminded every time by the children how healing can be a blissful journey when there is resilience.

Serena is honoured to be acknowledged by the #11 Forever Award, but is even more in awe of the inspiring life story behind it written by Mr. Kristian Domingo. Kristian’s strength, bravery and hope in face of uncertainty is a legacy that Serena will hold close to heart and share with those around her through love in action. Last but surely not least, she would like to express her gratitude to the Domingo Family and the Lord for granting her this scholarship whilst introducing into her life an extraordinary human being and a loving family.

2018 Recipient - Vancouver College

This fall, Jack Cruz-Dumont will be playing basketball for UBC while pursuing a degree at the Sauder School of Business.

“I am honoured to be the second recipient of the prestigious “Kristian Domingo 11 Forever Award”. To be considered as one who represents the courage and strength of Kristian is a great feeling. My goal is to inspire those around me to be the best versions of themselves just as Kristian did for me. I am blessed to receive this award and scholarship money, it is truly a privilege. I’d like to thank the amazing Domingo Family, for not only allowing me to receive this award but for demonstrating what a strong, loving family looks like through adversity.”

2017 Recipient - Vancouver College

Benjamin Thomas Alcantara Balce attended Vancouver College for 5 years. He is easily recognizable from his contagious smile which was contagious, and deeply respected for the caring attitude he held towards his peers. The North Vancouver native was involved in many school activities. Ben was a discus thrower in track and field, and a middle linebacker for the Varsity football team (the same position Kristian had played). He suffered two knee injuries his senior year. During his graduating year, he coached both elementary flag football and the junior varsity football team at VC.

Off the field, Ben was part of multiple leadership groups such as the student council, the Letterman association, the minor officials (scorekeeping), and was a leader on the 78th Encounter, a religious retreat led by students. Ben also volunteered at the “Door is open” and served at the Bumpin Bakery. In the classroom, he had always had a love for English, Science, and Band class. Ben had been chosen to attend the VC speech night, 3 of the 5 years he was at the school.

Ben will be attending Capilano University, where he will enter the first year science program. This will be the first step in his plans to become a surgical nurse. He also plans on travelling more, and if his job opens windows for him to travel, Hawaii is the first destination on his list. He is working to help his family cover the cost of secondary school, but when he isn’t at work, he does enjoy quality time with friends and family.